Weddings & Unions


Your ceremony is a very special occasion; whether it is a wedding ceremony, commitment ceremony, or a vow renewal we are dedicated to helping you create a ceremony that will be both memorable and meaningful to you; that you will cherish and remember forever.


This means that we will help you create a ceremony that honors your religious and/or spiritual beliefs, wishes and intentions, expresses your commitment to each other and reflects who you are, what your union means to you, and demonstrates the love you have for one another.


All our ceremonies may be performed with, or without the legal sanction of marriage; whether you choose not to, or are unable to. We support the rights of all couples to express the depth of their love in a formal engagement in the tradition of marriage.


We can legally preside over your marriage once you have obtained a valid license from the county in which you are to be married. As same-sex marriage is illegal in Illinois we cannot preside over a legal marriage; we will be more than happy to preside over any ceremony you choose to celebrate your love.


Rehearsals are generally not needed for the simpler ceremonies; however for the more elaborate ceremony a rehearsal can remove some of the anxiety associated with the event. Only rehearsals on a separate day are charged.


Rehearsals ~ $150.00





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